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Homily Easter 2
Homily Easter Sunday
Meditation Good Friday 2021
Homily Palm Sunday 2021
Homily Sun Lent 5
Homily Sun Lent 4
Homily Sun Lent 3
Homily Sun Lent 2
Homily Sun Lent 1
Homily Ash Wednesday
Homily Sun 6 in OT
Homily 5th Sun in OT
Homily Sun 4 in OT
Homily Sun 3 in OT
Homily Sun 2 in OT
Homily Baptism of the Lord 2021
Homily Epiphany 2021
Homily Christmas 2
Homily Mother of God 2021
Homily Holy Family 2020
Homily Christmas 2020
Homily Advent IV
Homily Advent III
Homily Advent II
Homily Advent 1
Homily Christ King
Homily Sun 33 in OT
Homily Sun 32 in OT
Homily All Saints 2020
Homily Sun 30 in OT
Homily Sun 29 in OT
Homily Sun 28 in OT pt 1
Homily Sun 28 in OT pt 2
Homily Sun 27 in OT
Homily Sun 26 in OT
Homily Sun 25 in OT
Homily Sun 24 in OT
Homily Sun 23 in OT
Homily Sunday 21 in OT
Homily Sun 20 in OT
Homily Sun 19 in OT
Homily Sun 18 in OT
Homily Sunday 17 in OT
Homily Sun 16 in OT
Homily for Sunday 14 in OT
Homily Sunday 13 in Ordinary Time
Homily for Sunday 12 in Ordinary Time
Homily Sunday 11 in Ordinary Time
Homily for Corpus Christi 2020
Homily for Trinity Sunday
Homily for Pentecost Sunday
Homily Sixth Sunday of Easter
Homily: Fifth Sunday of Easter 2020
Homily: Fourth Sunday of Easter 2020
Homily: Third Sunday of Easter 2020
Homily: Second Sunday of Easter 2020
Homily Easter Sunday 2020
Homily Good Friday 2020: Meditation on Sacrifice
Homily Maundy Thursday 2020
Homily Palm Sunday 2020